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we’ve only been photographed together once

Tex and KKUURRTT met in an undisclosed MFA where they both agreed everyone else took things a little too seriously. They became fast-friends, sharing a love for the weird, the experimental, the surreal, the hilarious, and the beautiful. After writing a book together they decided to release it on their own rather than go through the submission process.

The goal with 100 & 900% Press is to become the pre-eminent place for collaboration in our literature community. Writing can be a lonely sport, but it doesn’t have to be. So, get in those DMS and group chats with the people you respect and see what you can’t cook up in collaboration. Maybe it can have a home here?

KKUURRTT is glad you read his thing. His debut novel Good at Drugs is forthcoming. He can be found on Twitter at @wwwkurtcom.

Tex Gresham is the author of Heck, Texas (Atlatl Press). His work has appeared in Hobart, F(r)iction, The Normal School, BOOTH, and Back Patio Press. He lives in Las Vegas with his partner and kid. He’s on Twitter as @thatsqueakypig and online at

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